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Functional Medicine in Gray, ME

Have you ever been to a primary care doctor and wondered why they focus on treating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of your illness? Rather than take a patient-centered approach to address questions like, "Why are you ill?" they prescribe medications that alleviate symptoms but don't do much to solve the underlying issue that's causing you to be sick.

When you have a cough, you're handed a cough suppressant. When you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you're prescribed a pill that masks the issue. The truth is that this approach only masks symptoms and can even make them exponentially worse. Medication never treats the root cause; your body's dysfunction isn't due to a deficiency of the medication you're taking.

That begs the question: Wouldn't you prefer to deal with the underlying cause of the problem making you feel bad? At Med Matrix, we take a functional approach to medicine instead of simply treating the symptoms our patients have.

We ask questions like:

  • Why is your body making more cholesterol?
  • Why are you obese?
  • Why is your blood pressure higher than ever before?
Functional Medicine Practice Gray, ME

Med Matrix: Taking a Functional Approach to Healthcare

At Med Matrix, we delve deep to uncover the fundamental reasons behind your persistent health issues, offering you a path to lasting relief. Our team consists of knowledgeable doctors and skilled functional medicine experts who create caring environments focused on patient needs. We prioritize a holistic healing approach that looks beyond symptom management and aims to uncover and solve the core causes of your conditions for sustained wellness.

Are you:

  • Fed up with prescription after prescription and the side effects that come with them?
  • Seeking clear answers to complex health issues?
  • Craving a proactive role in improving your health?
  • Looking for a supportive, compassionate healthcare team in Gray?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above or cannot get relief through conventional methods, functional medicine in Gray, ME, is for you.

What is Functional Medicine from Med Matrix?

The functional medicine model of care offers a patient-centered approach to managing chronic diseases. It aims to answer the question, "Why are you ill?" so that you can receive personalized and effective care tailored to your needs.

Functional medicine providers in Gray, like Med Matrix, take the time to listen to you and gather your medical history. This information helps us identify the root cause(s) of the illness, including triggers such as:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Allergens
  • Toxins
  • Genetics
  • Microbiome (the bacteria living in and on your body)

Once we identify the triggers, we can create a customized plan that helps you lead a healthy life. Your plan will address various aspects of your life, including physical needs such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep, as well as mental and emotional stressors related to social, work, and community life.

 Functional Medicine Meal Plan Gray, ME

The Med Matrix Difference

 Functional Medicine Testing Gray, ME

At our functional health center, we provide a full spectrum of services and cutting-edge technologies to support your path to optimal health. Our team is skilled in a variety of practices including functional medicine, health coaching, hormone therapy, ozone therapy, and nutrition. Unlike some clinics that prioritize profits, we use diagnostic tools such as genetic testing and comprehensive laboratory evaluations to obtain a deeper understanding of your health conditions. In short, we take the time to get to know you, your body, your needs, and your goals. That way, we can provide the most effective, longest lasting care possible.

We also introduce innovative treatments and therapies like regenerative medicine, IV nutrient therapy, detoxification programs, PEMF mat, peptides, exosomes, and more. By integrating the most effective elements of conventional and functional medicine, we offer a comprehensive approach to health care that is tailored to you - not someone with a similar body type, age, and chronic illnesses.

Our Philosophy

Med Matrix was founded on the notion that patients deserve personalized, comprehensive care and unwavering commitment. Our philosophy also includes:

Above Beyond
Going Above & Beyond

Conventional medicine primarily aims to label diseases and prescribe medications for specific symptoms. At Med Matrix, we believe in a more holistic approach. Functional medicine - our chosen path - perceives the body as a harmonious. We view it as an interconnected system rather than a mere collection of isolated organs. In essence, we treat your entire system by delving into the root causes of your symptoms rather than trying to alleviate them on their own.

Working Together
Working Together

At Med Matrix, we consider patients to be more than visitors. We believe they're valued partners on the path to optimal health. Our cohesive team of seasoned physicians, devoted nurses, and expert nutritionists has an unwavering commitment to steering every patient towards health and happiness - a state we affectionately term "Health Actualization." Our functional medicine clinic is your comprehensive destination for wellbeing, and healing that propels you toward a life full of energy and vitality.

Advanced Testing
Advanced Testing

We seamlessly blend time-honored Western medical practices with cutting-edge functional medicine diagnostics conducted within our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory. We understand that every patient has unique health needs and goals. Our diagnostic testing helps uncover the underlying issues you're dealing with so they can be addressed effectively. We do so through individualized treatment plans and custom treatments, not generalized care. Whether your path to wellness includes supplements, botanical medicines, prescription medications, therapeutic diets, detox regimens, or stress-reduction strategies, we're dedicated to your health.

Patients First
Patients First

Our core philosophy revolves around patient-centered care. Our practitioners take the time to listen, truly understand your unique story, and make you an integral part of the discovery process. We firmly believe that there's no one-size-fits-all solution in healthcare. That's why we're dedicated to delivering the highest quality functional medicine in Gray, ME. Our approach to Health Actualization isn't solely about the absence of disease; it's about fostering vitality and overall wellbeing. Together, let's collaborate to achieve your path to Health Actualization.

Functional Medicine Memberships from Med Matrix

Our functional medical memberships are designed to optimize your health and prevent diseases from interrupting your wellbeing. These 12-month memberships feature the following core components and timeline:

Advanced Testing.png

Advanced Testing

Our advanced diagnostic testing takes into account more than 100 biomarkers, which helps us identify and ultimately address the underlying problems causing you to be sick.

Functional Medicine

Functional MedicineReview

We'll set up a one-hour meeting where you'll meet with an IFM-certified provider. During this meeting, your provider will get a better sense of who you are and the goals you have for your body and overall wellness.

Healthcare Plan

Personalized Healthcare Plan

Your healthcare plan is customized to your body and your goals and can include guidance on lifestyle optimization, diet optimization, supplement optimization, and hormone optimization.

Quarterly Testing

Quarterly Testing and Review

Once a quarter, you'll meet with a health coach from Med Matrix who will check on you and where you're at with your health goals.

Other benefits of signing up for a functional medicine membership include IV vitamin credits, access to a professional health coach, and discounted pricing on stem cell therapy.

Top 6 Reasons to Consider Functional Medicine in Gray, ME

One of the most popular questions we get from new patients at Med Matrix is why they should even consider functional medical services over those at conventional medical centers. We get it - if you've only known the traditional side of medicine, exploring treatment from a functional medical doctor might seem unnecessary or uncomfortable. Before you retreat back into your comfort zone, take these points into consideration.

 Functional Medicine Consults Gray, ME

Comprehensive Treatment Options

Unlike conventional doctors, who must work in a narrow scope of treatment, functional medicine opens the doorway to a wealth of therapies and treatments. For instance, at Med Matrix, when a patient presents with symptoms of depression, we don't simply consider which prescription medication to prescribe.

We thoroughly assess omega-3 levels, vitamin D levels, hormones, thyroid imbalances, gut issues, and inflammatory markers. Our goal is to identify the root cause of your depression. We seek to understand WHY your depression is happening. Some common functional medicine treatment options can include the following:

  • Health Coaching
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Diet Optimization
  • Holistic Treatments and Therapies
  • Hormone Balancing
  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Med Spa Services
  • Peptide Therapy

Healthcare and Wellness Services Catered to You

Functional medicine recognizes that each person is unique, so their treatment should be personalized. We all have different genetics, upbringings, diets, stress levels, and backgrounds. As functional medicine providers, we aim to understand each patient's life story from birth and create a plan that is tailored to them. Common sense says that conversation could take some time, and you'd be correct. An initial consultation with a functional medicine provider from Med Matrix can last an hour or more. But that allows us to provide you with focused, one-on-one attention.

This approach is in stark contrast to an appointment with a primary care physician, which only lasts a few minutes and can make you feel like you're just a number. It's challenging to have a meaningful conversation and provide a comprehensive solution in such a short time. Doctors who practice functional medicine in Gray, ME, often see fewer patients per day, and for good reason - they're able to devote more time and energy to you, not processing transactions.


Education that Empowers

The primary objective of functional medicine is to equip and empower the patient to take charge of their health and enhance their quality of life. Since you can't visit a Med Matrix doctor every day, it's important that we continue your healing process using guidance provided by your functional medicine provider.

This guidance will cover important topics relating to your individual health, and may include protocols for optimizing your diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, and supplements intake. We couple that guidance with advanced lab testing, condition diagnosis, and medication management. We understand that can be a lot to process in one or two meetings. As such, we may recommend health coaching and other services to help.


System-Based Treatment Protocols

Functional medicine believes in treating the person, not just the disease or the symptoms. Most conventional medicine models prioritize prescription medications that match up to specific symptoms. In the world of functional medicine, that's a short-sided approach. Instead, providers at Med Matrix take a systems-based approach to care.

For instance, if you're concerned about enduring too much stress, we want to know that's due to inflammation, malfunctioning adrenals, G.I. problems, or something else entirely. To find out, we check the functionality of your kidneys, heart, gut, liver, thyroid, hormones, and even your vitamin D levels. The more we know, the better understanding we have of the systems we need to address.


Uncover the Root Cause

Many people struggle to find answers to their medical conditions because they are passed around from doctor to specialist and back again. This happens frequently. Numerous patients have told us that they were informed, "it's all in your head" and "your labs look normal," despite experiencing severe symptoms indicating that something was wrong.

When you come to Med Matrix for a functional medicine appointment, it's almost like you're hiring a medical detective to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Our doctors thrive on difficult cases and won't stop investigating until a solution is uncovered.


Cost-Effective Treatment, Long-Lasting Results

Functional medicine goes by many names, such as integrative, holistic, personalized, and preventative. Preventative medicine is the most cost-effective form of healthcare. By preventing or slowing down diseases, you can save future healthcare costs that would have been incurred if a preventative approach wasn't taken.

For instance, let's consider Type II Diabetes. Patients who visit a functional medicine provider are proactive and start addressing blood sugar concerns well before conventional medicine does. Functional medicine providers monitor blood sugar levels even before they reach conventional pre-diabetes levels. When patients are informed and educated about diet and lifestyle before the onset of a disease, much better results are achieved in disease prevention. Once someone has a diagnosis or disease, it becomes more challenging and expensive to correct.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Maintaining Your Health

One of the major hallmarks of functional medicine in Gray, ME, is to stay healthy year-round by eating a healthy diet and exercising. While diet and exercise are crucial for wellness, many Americans don't get the necessary amounts of vitamins and nutrients in their diets. Whether you're working with a health coach or you're simply looking for diet tips, keep these important supplements in mind as you work towards a healthy life.

 Functional Medicine Treatment Center Gray, ME

Two words that send shivers down the spines of every man are "erectile dysfunction." Unfortunately, when your T levels are lower than they should be, this is one of the most common symptoms that men must endure. Being unable to get it up isn't just embarrassing - it can be downright depressing and lead to issues with mental health. It's a hard topic to discuss, but a personalized TRT plan from Med Matrix can help.

Natural sources of vitamin D include:

  • Sunlight
  • Fatty Fishes
  • Dairy Products
Functional Medicine Practice Gray, ME

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a crucial nutrient for supporting the immune system and overall health. In addition to its well-known role in preventing scurvy, vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, wound healing, and combating infections. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals. Including vitamin C-rich foods in your diet or taking supplements can help ensure that your body has an adequate supply of this vital nutrient.

Natural sources of vitamin C include:

  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes
  • Cruciferous Veggies
 Functional Medicine Meal Plan Gray, ME

Anemia is a condition that affects millions of Americans, resulting from various factors including iron deficiency, which is one of the most common national deficiencies. Iron is crucial for maintaining healthy blood. It plays a key role in supporting the production of hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Natural sources of iron include:

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Meat
 Functional Medicine Testing Gray, ME

Functional Medicine in Gray, ME: A Root-Cause Focus from Med Matrix

As a catalyst in the evolution of healthcare, functional medicine adopts a holistic approach to promoting health and wellbeing. It delves into the underlying causes of diseases and aims to restore optimal bodily function through a personalized and patient-centric approach. This approach complements conventional medicine and serves as a crucial partner in the overall healthcare landscape.

If you're sick and tired of relying on traditional models that push pills and prescriptions down your throat, it's time to make a change. At Med Matrix, we look beyond symptom management. We're focused on being proactive, not reactive. Our doctors of functional medicine are trained and fully equipped to help you reimagine what it's like to live a happy, healthy life.

If you're ready to take the first step toward true wellbeing, we're here to help. Contact our office today to learn more about our comprehensive functional medicine program.

Request a Consultation

Latest News in Gray, ME

Macy Gray and Big Freedia Drop New collaboration 'I Am'

In a powerful celebration of Pride Month, Grammy-winning artist Macy Gray teams up with the unstoppable Big Freedia for their first-ever collaboration, releasing the electrifying single "I AM." This collaboration is set to ignite music fans who now can look forward to an exclusive remix featuring legendary DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold, available on June 18th exclusively on Gala Music.Jordana...

In a powerful celebration of Pride Month, Grammy-winning artist Macy Gray teams up with the unstoppable Big Freedia for their first-ever collaboration, releasing the electrifying single "I AM." This collaboration is set to ignite music fans who now can look forward to an exclusive remix featuring legendary DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold, available on June 18th exclusively on Gala Music.

Jordana Shares New Single 'We Get By'

Four Year Strong Shares New Single 'aftermath/afterthought'

Tuelo Drops New Single 'Green Light' From Forthcoming LP

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2025 Unveiled Featuring Over 35 Artists

Macy Gray, known for her distinctive voice and timeless hits, belts out a new anthem with "I AM." This release is not just another track but “issa movement,” Gray herself declares. Partnering with Big Freedia, a trailblazer in the bounce music scene and a dynamic advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, the single is destined to become an anthem of empowerment and self-expression.

Big Freedia shares, "I AM” is the anthem for 2024 Pride and beyond! This song is about living in your truth, being unabashedly free to be your authentic self! Had so much fun with Macy making this track; we’ve wanted to work together forever, and so excited for the world to hear this track. Sing it loud: 'I AM WHO I AM!'"

The excitement doesn't stop there. On June 18th, the "I AM" remix featuring Paul Oakenfold will drop exclusively on cutting-edge Web3 music platform, Gala Music. This partnership highlights how legacy artists like Macy Gray are embracing innovative technology to distribute their music. Gala Music's platform allows artists to connect directly with fans, offering unique, limited-edition releases that redefine the music distribution landscape.

"I AM" will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, June 12th, at 1 PM PT, with a presale at 12 PM PT. There will be 100 tracks available priced at $100 each. Following this, the exclusive remix of "I AM" featuring Paul Oakenfold will be released on Tuesday, June 18th, at 1 PM PT, with a presale also at 12 PM PT. Fans can also join Macy Gray for a special Discord AMA at 11 AM PT on the same day.

Macy Gray’s collaboration with Big Freeda and the exclusive remix by Paul Oakenfold are significant milestones that reflect the evolving landscape of the music industry. The use of Web3 technology through Gala Music showcases how artists can innovate and connect with their audience in new and meaningful ways. Macy Gray’s decision to release her music on this platform is a testament to her forward-thinking approach and dedication to her fans.

For more information and to purchase the tracks, click HERE.

Click Here to Buy Tickets

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Conan Gray has ‘Found Heaven’ in ’80s synth sounds

I’ve been a fan of Conan Gray since the release of his song “Comfort Crowd” in 2019 — I even have the track’s title tattooed in my best friend’s handwriting. With that being said, I was intrigued when I heard he’d be releasing a new album this year.Gray’s career began on YouTube, where he began making content at the age of 15. Alongside casual videos and vlogs, Gray recorded covers and shared his own music. His channel quickly gained popularity, eventually landing him a deal with Republi...

I’ve been a fan of Conan Gray since the release of his song “Comfort Crowd” in 2019 — I even have the track’s title tattooed in my best friend’s handwriting. With that being said, I was intrigued when I heard he’d be releasing a new album this year.

Gray’s career began on YouTube, where he began making content at the age of 15. Alongside casual videos and vlogs, Gray recorded covers and shared his own music. His channel quickly gained popularity, eventually landing him a deal with Republic Records in 2018.

In 2020, Gray released his debut album, “Kid Krow,” which would quickly become a staple in my quarantine soundtrack. “Heather,” one of the album’s tracks, skyrocketed to popularity on TikTok; its success has since led Gray to declare Dec. 3 “Heather Day.”

Gray released his sophomore album, “Superache,” in 2022, and on April 5, his third album, “Found Heaven,” dropped.

Gray cites artists like David Bowie, A-Ha and Cutting Crew as inspiration for the record. As a big fan of ’80s music myself, I was excited to see the direction Gray would take, especially since his sound up until this point has consistently remained mellow, indie pop.

I’m not necessarily disappointed with the outcome, but I was left wanting a bit more.

The album’s titular track, “Found Heaven,” serves as the opener. It begins with an angelic-sounding choir, then delves into deep, synthy sounds. Gray’s vocals are as pleasant as ever, which is part of the reason why I love his music so much.

On the surface, the lyrics carry themes of religion, but they also explore living on your own terms and doing what makes you happy.

“Never Ending Song,” the record’s first single, fully embraces the ’80s sound that Gray is going for. He compares a troubled relationship to a never-ending song, constantly stuck in a loop of trying to make things better and, ultimately, failing.

The beginning of the third track, “Fainted Love,” sounds like it came straight out of the ’80s. The instrumentals are poppy and upbeat, but Gray sings of dealing with a one sided relationship. Despite the pain embedded in the lyrics, it’s a catchy tune with a great chorus that showcases Gray’s vocal skills.

“Lonely Dancers” was released as the album’s fourth single. I heard this song when it came out in February, and to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan. I’m still not too fond of it — it’s repetitive and I don’t really like the way the chorus is sung.

“Alley Rose” is my favorite song on “Found Heaven.” It’s a beautiful ballad reminiscent of Elton John’s music, and Gray’s vocals are simply amazing here. The lyrics explore a devastating breakup, and I love the anguish present in Gray’s voice, especially in the bridge.

Email Address

The lyricism on this track is astonishing, as Gray practically wails, “And I don't even care if it makes me sound insane … I ran my fingers through your hair … And I thanked God to touch the flame.”

As follow-up tracks to “Alley Rose,” “The Final Fight”and “Miss You” feel somewhat underwhelming. I understand that all songs on the album are not meant to be in the ballad style, but Gray does it so well, which is probably why “Kid Krow” is still my favorite record of his.

“Bourgeoisieses” feels somewhat out of place on the album — not sonically (it’s very ’80s) — but lyrically. “Found Heaven” is about a breakup and finding yourself in the aftermath. This track is about wanting to belong in a high class society, and Gray has a better song that deals with this subject on “Kid Krow”: “Affluenza.”

Gray returns to ballads on “Forever With Me,” which instantly became another standout track for me. Although he’s looking back on a failed relationship, Gray has no regrets, and he still cherishes the time spent with his former partner.

“Eye of the Night” and “Boys & Girls” both fall a bit flat for me; I don’t necessarily dislike them, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to either of them.

“Killing Me” is a catchy song about an unfaithful partner that Gray is unable to let go of. The instrumentals are synthy and upbeat, and Gray’s vocals are better displayed here than on the previous two tracks.

“Winner” functions as a good closer, and it’s the saddest song on a record all about heartbreak. I was immediately struck by the powerful, instrumental surges between the verses and chorus, and Gray’s vocals feel almost like a punch to the gut — just how I like them.

Maybe I’m permanently stuck in 2020, but “Kid Krow” will remain my favorite album by Gray to date. I love the homage to ’80s synth pop in “Found Heaven,” but I wish there was more to it, especially because the genre itself is full of unique sounds that make every act and song different.

Rating: 7/10


Conan Gray Reveals What Made Him Realize ‘I Have to Live My Life’

Last week, pop star Conan Gray released his vibrant third album Found Heaven — and soon before, he stopped by Billboard News to discuss everything from falling in love for the first time to working with Max Martin to bring that...

Last week, pop star Conan Gray released his vibrant third album Found Heaven — and soon before, he stopped by Billboard News to discuss everything from falling in love for the first time to working with Max Martin to bring that feeling to life.

“It very much affected how I made the music,” says Gray, who also shares that “this whole album is highs and lows.”


He says he started the ideation process during his Superache Tour nearly two years ago. As he recalls, after each performance he would retreat to the basement “because there’s always a piano in the basement of these theaters I was playing… that’s when I would notice these different themes I was writing about.”

He later tapped the MXM songwriting and production crew of Max Martin, ILYA and Oscar Holter to help flesh those various themes out, saying they “really opened up my eyes and wings to all of the different sides of myself that I could try out. … They wanted to push me to do something that was the whole array of me.”

And while Found Heaven does boast power-pop hits like “Never Ending Song” and “Lonely Dancers,” the album also features more intimate songs like “Forever With Me,” album closer “Winner” and standout track “Alley Rose.” As Gray says, “When I first recorded [‘Alley Rose’], I recorded it in the same voice as the rest of the album, a bit more energetically. And then I was like, ‘Wait, I need to not do that. I need to sing it as calm and tender as possible — each song requires a different part of me. … I feel lucky that people give me the space to do both.”

Gray also opened up about the love that inspired much of this album — and the heartbreak he had to process soon after. As he tells it, after flying to London for their scheduled meet-up, he landed to a text ultimately ending the relationship. And yet, he wouldn’t change a thing about his experiences surrounding Found Heaven — and his necklace of a star cutout inside a teardrop is a reminder of exactly that.

“In all the things that make you cry, the happiest moments of your life and the saddest moments of your life, there is a magic in the fact that you even got to experience it at all,” says Gray. “I’ve spent so many years of my life hiding in my room and not doing anything and being so afraid of ever getting hurt or rejected or feeling bad, that I ended up living no life. I kept this on my neck the whole time I was making this album [as a reminder] that I have to live my life.”

To hear what else Gray said of his latest album, watch the full interview above.

It’s the fifth single off his forthcoming album ‘Found Heaven.’

Conan Gray returns today with “Alley Rose,” the fifth single from his forthcoming third studio album, Found Heaven, which arrives April 5. While some of the LP’s previous singles, such as ...

Conan Gray returns today with “Alley Rose,” the fifth single from his forthcoming third studio album, Found Heaven, which arrives April 5. While some of the LP’s previous singles, such as “Lonely Dancers” and “Never Ending Song,” feature an upbeat ’80s vibe, “Alley Rose” is a soaring piano-rock ballad that harks back to ’70s-era Elton John. On a day dominated by Ariana Grande, the tune managed to land inside the Top 20 of the Genius Top Songs chart.

Produced by Greg Kurstin, “Alley Rose” paints a picture of a relationship that’s run its course. In a recent interview with It’s Out, Gray revealed that he wrote the song—his favorite on the new album—in London. He was in the U.K. to see the person he’d been dating, but he got dumped on the plane on the way over. Which explains a lot.

In the first verse, Gray picks up his soon-to-be ex from the corner store. This person’s eyes are red, and their lips are torn. Conan can see the end is near.

You wrapped your fingers around my neck And pulled me into your desperate breath The way you kissed me hot and fast I knew it’d be the last

Then comes the chorus, where Conan names this person who’s broken his heart.

Don’t leave me hangin’ alone again Oh, where’d you go, go, Alley Rose?

Interestingly, as Gray explained in the interview, the song originally went, “Where did you go, Abbey Road?” He was in London and hanging out on Abbey Road, home of the famous recording studio for which The Beatles named their landmark 1969 album. Gray ultimately changed it to “Alley Rose” because he and his ex shared their first kiss in an alley, and because roses symbolize love.

In the bridge, Gray alludes to some of his past traumas—“’Cause I swore necks were made for bruisin’”—and tells this other person that they gave him a reason to be optimistic.

And I don’t even care if it’s just a summer fling If it’s all experimental and you go back to safer things But I swore hands were made for fighting I swore eyes were made to cry But you’re the first person that I’ve seen Who’s proven that might be a lie

“The whole song is just like, ‘What the fuck? Where did you go?’” Gray told It’s Out.

You can read all the lyrics to “Alley Rose” on Genius now.


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