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Functional Medicine in Raymond, ME

Have you ever been to a primary care doctor and wondered why they focus on treating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of your illness? Rather than take a patient-centered approach to address questions like, "Why are you ill?" they prescribe medications that alleviate symptoms but don't do much to solve the underlying issue that's causing you to be sick.

When you have a cough, you're handed a cough suppressant. When you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you're prescribed a pill that masks the issue. The truth is that this approach only masks symptoms and can even make them exponentially worse. Medication never treats the root cause; your body's dysfunction isn't due to a deficiency of the medication you're taking.

That begs the question: Wouldn't you prefer to deal with the underlying cause of the problem making you feel bad? At Med Matrix, we take a functional approach to medicine instead of simply treating the symptoms our patients have.

We ask questions like:

  • Why is your body making more cholesterol?
  • Why are you obese?
  • Why is your blood pressure higher than ever before?
Functional Medicine Practice Raymond, ME

Med Matrix: Taking a Functional Approach to Healthcare

At Med Matrix, we delve deep to uncover the fundamental reasons behind your persistent health issues, offering you a path to lasting relief. Our team consists of knowledgeable doctors and skilled functional medicine experts who create caring environments focused on patient needs. We prioritize a holistic healing approach that looks beyond symptom management and aims to uncover and solve the core causes of your conditions for sustained wellness.

Are you:

  • Fed up with prescription after prescription and the side effects that come with them?
  • Seeking clear answers to complex health issues?
  • Craving a proactive role in improving your health?
  • Looking for a supportive, compassionate healthcare team in Raymond?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above or cannot get relief through conventional methods, functional medicine in Raymond, ME, is for you.

What is Functional Medicine from Med Matrix?

The functional medicine model of care offers a patient-centered approach to managing chronic diseases. It aims to answer the question, "Why are you ill?" so that you can receive personalized and effective care tailored to your needs.

Functional medicine providers in Raymond, like Med Matrix, take the time to listen to you and gather your medical history. This information helps us identify the root cause(s) of the illness, including triggers such as:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Allergens
  • Toxins
  • Genetics
  • Microbiome (the bacteria living in and on your body)

Once we identify the triggers, we can create a customized plan that helps you lead a healthy life. Your plan will address various aspects of your life, including physical needs such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep, as well as mental and emotional stressors related to social, work, and community life.

 Functional Medicine Meal Plan Raymond, ME

The Med Matrix Difference

 Functional Medicine Testing Raymond, ME

At our functional health center, we provide a full spectrum of services and cutting-edge technologies to support your path to optimal health. Our team is skilled in a variety of practices including functional medicine, health coaching, hormone therapy, ozone therapy, and nutrition. Unlike some clinics that prioritize profits, we use diagnostic tools such as genetic testing and comprehensive laboratory evaluations to obtain a deeper understanding of your health conditions. In short, we take the time to get to know you, your body, your needs, and your goals. That way, we can provide the most effective, longest lasting care possible.

We also introduce innovative treatments and therapies like regenerative medicine, IV nutrient therapy, detoxification programs, PEMF mat, peptides, exosomes, and more. By integrating the most effective elements of conventional and functional medicine, we offer a comprehensive approach to health care that is tailored to you - not someone with a similar body type, age, and chronic illnesses.

Our Philosophy

Med Matrix was founded on the notion that patients deserve personalized, comprehensive care and unwavering commitment. Our philosophy also includes:

Above Beyond
Going Above & Beyond

Conventional medicine primarily aims to label diseases and prescribe medications for specific symptoms. At Med Matrix, we believe in a more holistic approach. Functional medicine - our chosen path - perceives the body as a harmonious. We view it as an interconnected system rather than a mere collection of isolated organs. In essence, we treat your entire system by delving into the root causes of your symptoms rather than trying to alleviate them on their own.

Working Together
Working Together

At Med Matrix, we consider patients to be more than visitors. We believe they're valued partners on the path to optimal health. Our cohesive team of seasoned physicians, devoted nurses, and expert nutritionists has an unwavering commitment to steering every patient towards health and happiness - a state we affectionately term "Health Actualization." Our functional medicine clinic is your comprehensive destination for wellbeing, and healing that propels you toward a life full of energy and vitality.

Advanced Testing
Advanced Testing

We seamlessly blend time-honored Western medical practices with cutting-edge functional medicine diagnostics conducted within our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory. We understand that every patient has unique health needs and goals. Our diagnostic testing helps uncover the underlying issues you're dealing with so they can be addressed effectively. We do so through individualized treatment plans and custom treatments, not generalized care. Whether your path to wellness includes supplements, botanical medicines, prescription medications, therapeutic diets, detox regimens, or stress-reduction strategies, we're dedicated to your health.

Patients First
Patients First

Our core philosophy revolves around patient-centered care. Our practitioners take the time to listen, truly understand your unique story, and make you an integral part of the discovery process. We firmly believe that there's no one-size-fits-all solution in healthcare. That's why we're dedicated to delivering the highest quality functional medicine in Raymond, ME. Our approach to Health Actualization isn't solely about the absence of disease; it's about fostering vitality and overall wellbeing. Together, let's collaborate to achieve your path to Health Actualization.

Functional Medicine Memberships from Med Matrix

Our functional medical memberships are designed to optimize your health and prevent diseases from interrupting your wellbeing. These 12-month memberships feature the following core components and timeline:

Advanced Testing.png

Advanced Testing

Our advanced diagnostic testing takes into account more than 100 biomarkers, which helps us identify and ultimately address the underlying problems causing you to be sick.

Functional Medicine

Functional MedicineReview

We'll set up a one-hour meeting where you'll meet with an IFM-certified provider. During this meeting, your provider will get a better sense of who you are and the goals you have for your body and overall wellness.

Healthcare Plan

Personalized Healthcare Plan

Your healthcare plan is customized to your body and your goals and can include guidance on lifestyle optimization, diet optimization, supplement optimization, and hormone optimization.

Quarterly Testing

Quarterly Testing and Review

Once a quarter, you'll meet with a health coach from Med Matrix who will check on you and where you're at with your health goals.

Other benefits of signing up for a functional medicine membership include IV vitamin credits, access to a professional health coach, and discounted pricing on stem cell therapy.

Top 6 Reasons to Consider Functional Medicine in Raymond, ME

One of the most popular questions we get from new patients at Med Matrix is why they should even consider functional medical services over those at conventional medical centers. We get it - if you've only known the traditional side of medicine, exploring treatment from a functional medical doctor might seem unnecessary or uncomfortable. Before you retreat back into your comfort zone, take these points into consideration.

 Functional Medicine Consults Raymond, ME

Comprehensive Treatment Options

Unlike conventional doctors, who must work in a narrow scope of treatment, functional medicine opens the doorway to a wealth of therapies and treatments. For instance, at Med Matrix, when a patient presents with symptoms of depression, we don't simply consider which prescription medication to prescribe.

We thoroughly assess omega-3 levels, vitamin D levels, hormones, thyroid imbalances, gut issues, and inflammatory markers. Our goal is to identify the root cause of your depression. We seek to understand WHY your depression is happening. Some common functional medicine treatment options can include the following:

  • Health Coaching
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Diet Optimization
  • Holistic Treatments and Therapies
  • Hormone Balancing
  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Med Spa Services
  • Peptide Therapy

Healthcare and Wellness Services Catered to You

Functional medicine recognizes that each person is unique, so their treatment should be personalized. We all have different genetics, upbringings, diets, stress levels, and backgrounds. As functional medicine providers, we aim to understand each patient's life story from birth and create a plan that is tailored to them. Common sense says that conversation could take some time, and you'd be correct. An initial consultation with a functional medicine provider from Med Matrix can last an hour or more. But that allows us to provide you with focused, one-on-one attention.

This approach is in stark contrast to an appointment with a primary care physician, which only lasts a few minutes and can make you feel like you're just a number. It's challenging to have a meaningful conversation and provide a comprehensive solution in such a short time. Doctors who practice functional medicine in Raymond, ME, often see fewer patients per day, and for good reason - they're able to devote more time and energy to you, not processing transactions.


Education that Empowers

The primary objective of functional medicine is to equip and empower the patient to take charge of their health and enhance their quality of life. Since you can't visit a Med Matrix doctor every day, it's important that we continue your healing process using guidance provided by your functional medicine provider.

This guidance will cover important topics relating to your individual health, and may include protocols for optimizing your diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, and supplements intake. We couple that guidance with advanced lab testing, condition diagnosis, and medication management. We understand that can be a lot to process in one or two meetings. As such, we may recommend health coaching and other services to help.


System-Based Treatment Protocols

Functional medicine believes in treating the person, not just the disease or the symptoms. Most conventional medicine models prioritize prescription medications that match up to specific symptoms. In the world of functional medicine, that's a short-sided approach. Instead, providers at Med Matrix take a systems-based approach to care.

For instance, if you're concerned about enduring too much stress, we want to know that's due to inflammation, malfunctioning adrenals, G.I. problems, or something else entirely. To find out, we check the functionality of your kidneys, heart, gut, liver, thyroid, hormones, and even your vitamin D levels. The more we know, the better understanding we have of the systems we need to address.


Uncover the Root Cause

Many people struggle to find answers to their medical conditions because they are passed around from doctor to specialist and back again. This happens frequently. Numerous patients have told us that they were informed, "it's all in your head" and "your labs look normal," despite experiencing severe symptoms indicating that something was wrong.

When you come to Med Matrix for a functional medicine appointment, it's almost like you're hiring a medical detective to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Our doctors thrive on difficult cases and won't stop investigating until a solution is uncovered.


Cost-Effective Treatment, Long-Lasting Results

Functional medicine goes by many names, such as integrative, holistic, personalized, and preventative. Preventative medicine is the most cost-effective form of healthcare. By preventing or slowing down diseases, you can save future healthcare costs that would have been incurred if a preventative approach wasn't taken.

For instance, let's consider Type II Diabetes. Patients who visit a functional medicine provider are proactive and start addressing blood sugar concerns well before conventional medicine does. Functional medicine providers monitor blood sugar levels even before they reach conventional pre-diabetes levels. When patients are informed and educated about diet and lifestyle before the onset of a disease, much better results are achieved in disease prevention. Once someone has a diagnosis or disease, it becomes more challenging and expensive to correct.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Maintaining Your Health

One of the major hallmarks of functional medicine in Raymond, ME, is to stay healthy year-round by eating a healthy diet and exercising. While diet and exercise are crucial for wellness, many Americans don't get the necessary amounts of vitamins and nutrients in their diets. Whether you're working with a health coach or you're simply looking for diet tips, keep these important supplements in mind as you work towards a healthy life.

 Functional Medicine Treatment Center Raymond, ME

Two words that send shivers down the spines of every man are "erectile dysfunction." Unfortunately, when your T levels are lower than they should be, this is one of the most common symptoms that men must endure. Being unable to get it up isn't just embarrassing - it can be downright depressing and lead to issues with mental health. It's a hard topic to discuss, but a personalized TRT plan from Med Matrix can help.

Natural sources of vitamin D include:

  • Sunlight
  • Fatty Fishes
  • Dairy Products
Functional Medicine Practice Raymond, ME

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a crucial nutrient for supporting the immune system and overall health. In addition to its well-known role in preventing scurvy, vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, wound healing, and combating infections. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals. Including vitamin C-rich foods in your diet or taking supplements can help ensure that your body has an adequate supply of this vital nutrient.

Natural sources of vitamin C include:

  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes
  • Cruciferous Veggies
 Functional Medicine Meal Plan Raymond, ME

Anemia is a condition that affects millions of Americans, resulting from various factors including iron deficiency, which is one of the most common national deficiencies. Iron is crucial for maintaining healthy blood. It plays a key role in supporting the production of hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Natural sources of iron include:

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Meat
 Functional Medicine Testing Raymond, ME

Functional Medicine in Raymond, ME: A Root-Cause Focus from Med Matrix

As a catalyst in the evolution of healthcare, functional medicine adopts a holistic approach to promoting health and wellbeing. It delves into the underlying causes of diseases and aims to restore optimal bodily function through a personalized and patient-centric approach. This approach complements conventional medicine and serves as a crucial partner in the overall healthcare landscape.

If you're sick and tired of relying on traditional models that push pills and prescriptions down your throat, it's time to make a change. At Med Matrix, we look beyond symptom management. We're focused on being proactive, not reactive. Our doctors of functional medicine are trained and fully equipped to help you reimagine what it's like to live a happy, healthy life.

If you're ready to take the first step toward true wellbeing, we're here to help. Contact our office today to learn more about our comprehensive functional medicine program.

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Latest News in Raymond, ME

Raymond reaches agreement on years-long Sebago Lake dispute

RAYMIOND (WGME) -- The Town of Raymond has reached an agreement years after alleged shoreland zoning violations were discovered along Sebago Lake.Town leaders accused contractors and a homeowner, Donald Buteau, of having work done on two adjacent properties without any permits.Raymond officials allege that piles of rocks were placed along the shoreline, trees were cleared and other violations. The issue was first spotted in the fall of 2021."You're not supposed to do this," said Holly McKibben, who has many tie...

RAYMIOND (WGME) -- The Town of Raymond has reached an agreement years after alleged shoreland zoning violations were discovered along Sebago Lake.

Town leaders accused contractors and a homeowner, Donald Buteau, of having work done on two adjacent properties without any permits.

Raymond officials allege that piles of rocks were placed along the shoreline, trees were cleared and other violations. The issue was first spotted in the fall of 2021.

"You're not supposed to do this," said Holly McKibben, who has many ties to the lake.

McKibben alerted us to this issue in 2022, because she was worried about the drastic changes she saw at the properties.

"It was so not Sebago [Lake]. So much had been done," McKibben said.

In town paperwork, Buteau and Q-Team, which did tree removal work, said Big Lake Marine was responsible for retaining all required local and state permits for the project. In other documents, Big Lake Marine, which is owned by Robert Durant, broadly denied the alleged violations and claimed that the project, and the work, met state and local rules.

"I'm hoping it doesn't go to court," said Don Willard, the town manager, in a 2022 interview.

But eventually, the matter did and the state was also investigating the matter.

By 2023, the issue had cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Of course, the town has a lot of money invested in this, unnecessarily, and I'm a taxpayer. I want to see that money come back," said Abel Bates, a Raymond resident.

Bates had brought forward a letter with more than 200 signatures supporting the town's pursuit of the issue and restoring the area.

"I want to make sure the lake stays healthy. And not just Sebago-- this whole business carries on to every body of water in the state," Bates said.

A lawyer representing the Town of Raymond says that representatives for the town, property owner, Q-Team and Robert Durant participated in a mediation effort last week to resolve the Notices of Violation issued in 2021 and 2022 at the two properties.

As a result, the town’s lawyer says the parties have reached an agreement to resolve the violations.

“What the Town and all of the parties want most, and which the agreement requires first and foremost, is the restoration of the two sites to bring them back into compliance with the Town’s shoreland zoning standards. Restoration of the site has always been the Town’s top priority,” Eric Wycoff with Pierce Atwood said.

"I'm glad they've come to an agreement. What I've read-- the restoration process is first and foremost," Bates said.

"It's good news for the lake," McKibben said.

While the details haven't been released publically, Wycoff says that the town will also get payments as reimbursement for the costs incurred in connection with this enforcement matter and “will also provide a meaningful amount of penalties for the violations.”

He says there are several steps before the agreement is finalized. First, it will have to be approved by the town’s select board, which they anticipate to happen on April 4.

In a statement, Buteau confirmed an agreement has been reached.

“Out of respect for the citizens of Raymond, I feel it is not proper for me to have a statement or disclose the specifics of that agreement until after the public meeting,” Buteau said.

Because Big Lake Marine filed for bankruptcy, this will also have to be approved in Bankruptcy Court.

Bates worries the payback won't be the same in the end.

"That's a big concern right there-- is that we don't recover the cost," Bates said.

Then the Superior Court will enter a judgement implementing the agreement.

Big Lake Marine declined to comment.

In a statement, a lawyer representing Q-Team said, "We are looking forward to having this matter behind us, and to focusing our energies on providing top-quality tree services to our customers."

For McKibben-- this all sends a message.

"You have to respect the lake, you have to respect the laws that are in place and you have to play by the rules," McKibben said. "There's a reason we have rules and regulations and zoning enforcement."

Meta's Ray-Ban Glasses Added AI That Can See What You're Seeing

I tried these Ray-Ban AI glasses, and they're pretty wild. Here's how the experimental feature works."Hey, Meta. Look at this and tell me which of these teas is caffeine-free."I spoke these words as I wore a pair of Meta Ray-Bans at the tech giant's New York headquarters. I was staring at a table with four tea packets, their caffeine labels blacked out with a marker. A little click sound in my ears was followed by Meta's AI voice telling me that the chamomile tea was likely caffeine-free. It was reading the labels and...

I tried these Ray-Ban AI glasses, and they're pretty wild. Here's how the experimental feature works.

"Hey, Meta. Look at this and tell me which of these teas is caffeine-free."

I spoke these words as I wore a pair of Meta Ray-Bans at the tech giant's New York headquarters. I was staring at a table with four tea packets, their caffeine labels blacked out with a marker. A little click sound in my ears was followed by Meta's AI voice telling me that the chamomile tea was likely caffeine-free. It was reading the labels and making judgments using generative AI.

I was testing a feature that's rolling out to Meta's second-generation Ray-Ban glasses starting today -- a feature that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had already promised in September when the new glasses were announced. The AI features, which can access Meta's on-glasses cameras to look at images and interpret them with generative AI, were supposed to launch in 2024. Meta has introduced them more quickly than I expected, although the early-access mode is still very much a beta. Along with adding Bing-powered search into Ray-Bans as part of a new update, which ups the power of the glasses' already-available voice-enabled capabilities, Meta's glasses are gaining new abilities fast.

The demo wowed me because I had never seen anything like it. I have in parts: Google Lens and other on-phone tools use cameras and AI together already, and Google Glass -- a decade ago -- had some translation tools. That said, the easy-access way that Meta's glasses invoke AI to identify things in the world around me feels pretty advanced. I'm excited to try it a lot more.

Multimodal AI: How it works right now

The feature has limits right now. It can only recognize what you see by taking a photo, which the AI then analyzes. You can hear the shutter snap after making a voice request, and there's a pause of a few seconds before a response comes in. The voice prompts are also wordy: Every voice request on the Meta glasses needs to start with "Hey, Meta," and then you need to follow it with "look and" (which I originally thought needed to be "Hey, Meta, look at this") to trigger the photo-taking, immediately followed with whatever you want the AI to do. "Hey, Meta, look and tell me a recipe with these ingredients." "Hey, Meta, look and make a funny caption." "Hey, Meta, look and tell me what plant this is."

Each request triggers a shutter snap, and then a few-second pause while the AI reads the image and interprets it. It's similar to how a phone-based AI camera app might work, except on your face and voice controlled.

Every AI response, and the photo it looked at, is stored in the Meta View phone app that pairs with the glasses. I like this, because it's a visual/written record for later, like memory-jogging notes. I could see wandering somewhere and asking questions, using this as some form of head-worn Google search for my eyes, while shopping or who knows what.

It could also have possible uses for assistive purposes. I wore a test pair of Meta glasses that didn't have my prescription, and I asked it what I was looking at. Answers can vary in detail and accuracy, but it can give a heads-up. It knew I was showing it my glasses, which it said had bluish-tinted lenses (blue-black frame, pretty close).

Sometimes the glasses can hallucinate. I asked about fruit in a bowl in front of me, and it said there were oranges, bananas, dragonfruit, apples and pomegranates. It was correct, except for the pomegranates. (There were none of those.) I was asked to have it make a caption for a big stuffed panda in front of a window. It made some cute ones, but one was about someone being lonely and looking at a phone, which didn't match.

I looked at a menu in Spanish and asked the glasses to show me spicy dishes. It read off some dishes and translated key ingredients for me, but I asked again about dishes with meat and it read everything back in Spanish.

The possibilities are wild and fascinating, and possibly incredibly useful. Meta admits that this early launch will be about discovering bugs and helping evolve the way the on-glasses AI works. I found there were too many "Hey, Meta, look" moments. But that process might change, who knows. When engaged in immediate image analysis, asking direct follow-up questions can work without saying "look" again, but I'm sure my success will vary.

The future of wearable AI is getting interesting

This AI, which Meta calls "multimodal AI" because it uses cameras and voice chat together, is a precursor of future AI that the company plans to mix many forms of inputs into, including more sensory data. Qualcomm's AI-focused chipset on Meta's new Ray-Bans already seems ready to take on more. It's also a process that Meta plans to make more seamless over time.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth told me in September that while the glasses now need a voice prompt to activate and "see" so that they don't burn through battery life, eventually they'll "have sensors that are low power enough that they're able to detect an event that triggers an awareness that triggers the AI. That's really the dream we're working towards." Meta is also already researching AI tools that blend multiple forms of sensory data together, ahead of more advanced future wearables.

Right now, know that this is an early-access beta. Meta is using anonymized query data to help improve its AI services during this phase, which may concern people wanting more privacy. I don't know the specific opt-in details yet, but more discrete controls over sharing data look like they may be in place once the final AI features launch, likely next year. The early-access opt-in isn't even available to everyone yet, but according to Meta, more people should get the option over time.

This all reminds me of what Humane is aiming for with its wearable AI Pin, a device I haven't even seen in person yet. While Humane's product is expensive and needs to be worn on clothing, Meta's glasses are $300 and already on store shelves. As watches, VR headsets and smart glasses all evolve their AI capabilities, things could get very different for the future of wearable tech and its level of assistive awareness.

It's clear that a new frontier of wearable AI products is already forming, and Meta's glasses are getting there first.

Editors' note: This story was updated on 12/13 to clarify how the voice prompts work and make a correction. We said "take a look at this" in our original story, but the actual working phrases are "look" or "look at this."

Editors' note: CNET is using an AI engine to help create some stories. For more, see this post.

Computing Guides

'I can't live like this:' Raymond homeowner's noise complaints speak to larger issue

Kristine Bedford, a Raymond homeowner, is at her wit's end over the sound of gunfire coming from next door.RAYMOND (WGME) -- A Raymond homeowner is at her wit's end over the sound of gunfire coming from next door.She reached out to CBS13 about this, begging for help.However, there's only so much that can be done about it."It's more than frustrating. It's anxiety-inducing," Raymond resident Kristine Bedford said.Bedford has lived in a Raymond neighborhood since 2019.New neighbors moved in ea...

Kristine Bedford, a Raymond homeowner, is at her wit's end over the sound of gunfire coming from next door.

RAYMOND (WGME) -- A Raymond homeowner is at her wit's end over the sound of gunfire coming from next door.

She reached out to CBS13 about this, begging for help.

However, there's only so much that can be done about it.

"It's more than frustrating. It's anxiety-inducing," Raymond resident Kristine Bedford said.

Bedford has lived in a Raymond neighborhood since 2019.

New neighbors moved in earlier this year.

"Some of what he fires is so loud it shakes my walls, shakes them. And it goes on for hours and hours," Bedford said.

The next-door homeowners declined to comment, and they did not appear to be around while CBS13 was there.

"I work from home. I can't live like this," Bedford said.

She found there was no noise ordinance for the town.

"Part of it's because of enforcement issues. Who enforces it? Who determines what's loud?" Raymond Interim Town Manager and Town Clerk Sue Look said.

The town of Raymond isn't alone.

We called the surrounding towns. Windham and Poland officials say they don't have a noise ordinance either.

New Gloucester's town manager says they do have a noise ordinance.

CBS13 Reporter Mal Meyer: "Does the town have any kind of ordinance when it comes to having a gun range or shooting on your property?"
Look: "We don't because the state has laws pertaining to guns and enforces the state rules and statutes."

The town of Poland told us the same thing. The law dictates how close you can fire a gun near things like the road or houses.

Meyer: "So as long as those are met, it's allowed to go on?"
Look: "Yes."

If there's a concern, law enforcement could look into it. Or Look says Bedford could consult an attorney.

"It's mostly a state statute issue, and the town is very limited as I understand it for what we can do," Look said.

Bedford is circulating a petition, hoping to change town ordinances. She wants to ban the discharge of firearms, along with any existing or future use of firearm ranges, specifically in a subdivision.

"This is not somebody in their backyard target shooting. There's a big difference," Bedford said.

Even if she gets enough signatures, it has to go through a town process before potentially heading to a vote.

The town says Bedford would have to submit those signatures in the next couple of months for it to possibly be ready for the annual meeting in June.

How MCM Raymond Took Over LA’s Street Sound Without Gang Affiliation

“Be yourself, people gonna respect you for you.”In July, I had the opportunity to link up with 23-year-old rapper MCM Raymond. We met at LV Recording Studios Los Angeles, an intimate studio in a remote location. Upon arrival I was greeted by his manager, Play Maka, whom I previously met. MCM Raymond was very laid back and welcoming when I walked in. We sat down and talked one on one with no cameras before we began the interview. I wanted to get a sense of his aspirations and dreams — I could tell how passionate an...

“Be yourself, people gonna respect you for you.”

In July, I had the opportunity to link up with 23-year-old rapper MCM Raymond. We met at LV Recording Studios Los Angeles, an intimate studio in a remote location. Upon arrival I was greeted by his manager, Play Maka, whom I previously met. MCM Raymond was very laid back and welcoming when I walked in. We sat down and talked one on one with no cameras before we began the interview. I wanted to get a sense of his aspirations and dreams — I could tell how passionate and serious he is about his music. This Friday, his EP Many Can’t Maintain is scheduled to drop. The first single, “Jimmy Choo,” has already been heating up the LA streets.

MCM Raymond was born in Inglewood, California, but says he spent his time across the city of Los Angeles. He steered clear of getting involved in any of the street politics and gangbanging. “I was around it a lot, but I never got into it,” he explained. “It’s not good for me, you either in jail or dead,” he says. A lot of young LA rappers I have interviewed are in street gangs, due to the environment they grew up in. Street politics is a big influence in a lot of LA rapper music being released today.

Instead, he took an interest in music. He often spent time at the studio with his father as a child. “I was in the studio with my dad all the time, and I told him I want to produce,” he says. When he was 12 years old, his dad bought him his first desktop computer. But beat making did not come easy. ”It took me a long time. My dad just showed me my beats from a long time ago, trash,” he laughs.

Despite the desire MCM Raymond had for producing, something kept calling him to the mic. He says his parents were supportive about his music at first, but later began to have doubts. “When I first was getting out, my parents was not messing with it,” he says. He used to ditch class in college to go to the studio. “I was tryna get out there with music, because that’s really what I wanted to do,” he says. MCM Raymond’s classmates at Santa Monica College encouraged him to pursue his dream. “I had a homie, he used to tell me like, bro you don’t even need to be here, you can really do something with this music,” he says.

MCM Raymond’s producing and rapping eventually began to take off. In 2019 he made the beat for his first rap single, “Neighborhood Hoochie,” and later the viral hit “In My City.” By never getting distracted by the gang culture of the area and always staying neutral, MCM Raymond has created his own sound. His saucy, smooth, sing-rap melodies have been anthems for many in the city. “I feel like my music stands out from everyone, it’s different, I feel like not too many people from LA are doing what I’m doing,” he says. Even with LA rap music having different sounds and new genres, MCM Raymond has broken barriers to create his own lane and fan base. Staying true to himself and his goals, he strives to inspire the younger generation. “Be yourself, people gonna respect you for you,” he says.

For more exclusive interviews with Los Angeles rappers, subscribe to Mz Free’s YouTube Channel.


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