NAD+ is a powerful tool for well-being. There is promising research underway examining its potential to promote health span (the period of time in which an individual experiences good health) and possibly to increase lifespan. While the evidence for those claims is yet to be seen, NAD+ infusions and supplementation promote well-being and better vitality for many. Today, we take a moment to explore this potent IV therapy offered at Med Matrix.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, better known as NAD+, is a coenzyme that has captured the attention of researchers and health seekers for its pronounced role in energy metabolism, mitochondrial function, cognition, DNA repair, and gene expression regulation.

Our bodies make their own NAD+, but certain factors inhibit the production of this vital coenzyme. NAD+ is highly active in youth; it naturally becomes less so as we grow older. Lower levels are linked to various aspects of aging and age-related diseases, including dementia, metabolic dysfunction, and heart disease. Likewise, behaviors such as smoking, alcohol use, and sun exposure are linked to lower levels of NAD+.

In animal models, researchers have shown that boosting NAD+ levels may promote healthier aging and increase lifespan. These results have inspired experiments in humans. So far, human trials of NAD+ therapy have shown that it may improve exercise performance in older adults, increase insulin sensitivity, and provide anti-inflammatory effects. A 2021 study found that IV administration of NAD+ improved cognitive performance in humans. Some studies have reported promising results for treating psoriasis with NAD+ therapy. Other studies suggest NAD+ therapy may enhance skeletal muscle activity. Additionally, there is interest in the possibility that NAD+ therapy may have a role in treating mood disorders, substance withdrawal, chronic fatigue, long COVID, and cardiovascular morbidity.

There are a few ways to improve levels of NAD+.

Many healthy lifestyle behaviors, such as exercise, quality sleep, and not eating excessive calories, are associated with increased levels of NAD+. When lifestyle behaviors aren’t enough, supplementation with the precursors (nutrients the body uses to make its own NAD+), such as NMN and NR, is thought to help boost intrinsic production. NR itself is being studied in clinical trials that include research on heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney injuries, aging, and chemotherapy. Taking NAD+ intravenously or through intramuscular injection seems to be the most effective method for increasing levels of this molecule. While the full extent of NAD+’s capabilities is still being unraveled, its role in cellular health and potential implications for aging and disease make it a molecule of considerable interest in the quest for healthier, longer lives.

The most popular reasons our clients choose to take NAD+ are:

  • Greater vitality
  • Better sustained physical energy
  • Better sustained mental energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Quicker recovery from workouts
  • Regain energy after periods of stress or illness
  • Reduce inflammation

What is it like to receive an infusion? It all begins with a consultation. Anyone can come into Med Matrix to get screened to see if NAD+ therapy is a good fit for them. Everything we do is catered to your unique needs. Walk-in clients at Med Matrix will be screened by our specially trained nursing staff to ensure safety. Treatments can be administered via IV or intramuscular injection and are typically available the same day. Patients who participate in our Functional Medicine Membership benefit from customized blends that can include NAD+ therapy and are developed by our IFM providers to address your unique needs. In both cases, you will be counseled, informed, and encouraged to ask questions. If you’d like to explore what NAD+ can do for you, call us today or fill out this form. Hear from a Nurse receiving NAD+ therapy.

Watch a nurse do a NAD+ IV drip

Depending on the best option for you, you’ll either receive a 5-minute injection or a 2-hour infusion in our comfortable IV lounge. Many clients work, nap, take advantage of other modalities, meditate, or relax while receiving the therapy. For some, the infusion process can become uncomfortable. These effects are short-lived, and we have tools to make it more bearable. After the treatment, people report feeling great! They experience more energy, clarity, better sleep, good mood, and improved performance. As research continues to develop, NAD+ will reshape our understanding of aging and open new frontiers in preventive medicine and longevity science.


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