TCA Peels in South Portland, Maine


At MedMatrix our whole philosophy revolves around health and wellness so why would we recommend a ‘chemical’ for your delicate skin?? Good question. Let us explain. There are two basic ways to exfoliate your dead skin cell layer to stimulate your body to make new skin. One is often referred to as a chemical peel, and the other is a mechanical peel.

Here at MedMatrix, we do not use any chemicals in any of our products or supplements. A more accurate term to describe what we do here is an ‘enzyme peel’. We have enzymes in our stomach that digest and dissolve the food that we eat. When we eat protein and fat we have enzymes in our digestive system that break these things down. So when we use enzymes on your skin, they also break down the proteins and fats that make up your skin. Proteins are keratin that your skin is made up of and the fat is the oil that is produced in your pores. Your skin is constantly refreshing itself as new tissue replaces the old. Enzyme peels speed this process, removing roughened, wrinkled, discolored skin from the surface and stimulating the growth of smoother, brighter, more even skin to replace it.

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Benefits of TCA Peels

A TCA peel is a gentle, versatile update on traditional chemical peel treatments. The TCA peel contains trichloroacetic acetate, a more potent form of the organic acid found in vinegar. Different concentrations of TCA are used for different treatment outcomes. Milder TCA solutions have the benefit of minimal to no downtime for recovery, while stronger solutions produce results more quickly and do require some recovery time.

Chemical, or enzyme, peels work by deeply exfoliating the skin and inducing cellular renewal. Unlike at-home exfoliation, peels do much more than dislodging debris; these treatments gently remove the thin layer of dry, damaged facial skin. This process both dissolves cells that have been marred by discoloration or aging and stimulates the production of new, healthy cells to replace them. As these new cells are produced, the body generates a surge of fresh collagen, which is used to form new cells during healing. This replaces some of the collagen that’s been lost during the aging process, making the skin healthy, full, and supple. Having regular chemical peels can counteract some of the effects of normal aging by maintaining optimal collagen levels.

For younger patients, TCA peels are an excellent way to combat treatment-resistant acne-prone skin; chronic or cystic acne that hasn’t responded to topical medication can often be minimized by a TCA Peel. Unlike a cream, this treatment can penetrate deep into the skin. TCA kills acne-causing bacteria, cleanses pores and hair follicles, and reduces pore size, making it harder for bacteria to settle in. Repeated peels can also gradually dissolve the thickened bands
of collagen in acne scars, making the skin smoother.

Experience matters. Come visit the experienced skin care professionals at MedMatrix and see how TCA peels can help treat a myriad of skin concerns.

• Large pores
• Acne scars
• Stubborn pigmentation
• Fine lines
• Dull, lackluster complexion
• Acne
• Blackheads
• Crepey skin