Regenerative Wrist Pain/Non-Surgical Solutions in South Portland Maine

Regenerative Wrist Therapy and Non-Surgical Treatments at Med Matrix

The human wrist, a marvel of engineering, comprises eight intricate bones, along with a complex network of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and nerves. This remarkable complexity grants the wrist unparalleled flexibility and strength, facilitating a wide range of movements that empower us to interact with the world around us.

However, this complexity also renders the wrist susceptible to debilitating pain if any of its intricate components become injured. Wrist pain not only robs us of the ability to create but also transforms everyday tasks into painful challenges.

At Med Matrix, we offer regenerative medicine solutions for wrist pain, aiming to restore the full range of motion necessary to enjoy life. Our non-surgical approach harnesses your body’s innate healing abilities to address the root cause of your pain and facilitate natural recovery. Say goodbye to wrist pain and regain the freedom to live your life to the fullest. Contact us at (207) 544-4643 to learn more.


“At Med Matrix you’ll have access to the latest regenerative options, those used by professional athletes of MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA and UFC.”

Wrist Pain: Understanding the Causes and Symptoms

Wrist pain can arise from various factors such as sudden injuries, repetitive stress, or degenerative conditions. At Med Matrix, we offer non-surgical wrist pain management solutions that prioritize your well-being and recovery. Our comprehensive approach includes techniques like ice therapy, heat therapy, elevation, compression, anti-inflammatory medications, and necessary rest. Surgery remains an option for cases where conservative treatments prove ineffective.

It’s important to note that while surgery can be necessary for acute wrist injuries, it can also introduce additional discomfort and potential complications, including the risk of post-surgical arthritis. Regenerative medicine for wrist pain is a cutting-edge alternative that often delivers effective pain relief and promotes the healing of damaged tissues without invasive procedures.

Wrist pain can have various underlying causes. Sudden injuries, such as fractures, dislocations, sprains, and strains, often result from direct trauma caused by accidents, sports activities, or falls. On the other hand, repetitive stress injuries develop gradually over time, typically due to activities like playing musical instruments, typing, or engaging in sports like tennis. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome exemplify the painful consequences of repetitive stress on the wrist. Additionally, degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ganglion cysts, carpal tunnel atrophy, and Kienbock disease can lead to significant wrist joint deterioration and chronic pain. Our experts at Med Matrix are dedicated to diagnosing the root cause of your wrist pain and offering tailored treatments for your specific needs. Contact us at (207) 544-4643 to learn more about how we can help you find relief and restore your wrist’s functionality.

Natural Wrist Pain Treatment

Discover natural, biologic solutions at Med Matrix to alleviate wrist pain caused by injuries, repetitive stress, or conditions like arthritis. Our treatments target the root cause of your pain, tapping into your body’s inherent healing abilities to enhance overall wrist health. Rather than merely masking the pain or focusing on pain management, our approach is centered on healing. Our objective is to help you resume your beloved activities without the constraints of wrist pain.

We understand that each case of wrist pain is unique, demanding personalized care. At Med Matrix, our concierge approach prioritizes your needs, comfort, and well-being. During your complimentary consultation, we conduct a comprehensive examination and review your medical history. If our regenerative medicine for wrist pain aligns with your requirements, we will create a tailored treatment plan, thoroughly explain it, and address all your inquiries.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. When you’re ready to experience genuine wrist pain relief without surgery or medication, schedule your free consultation with us. Bid farewell to your pain and embrace a pain-free life.

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After graduating from Columbia School of Medicine Dr. Kreher pursued a specialized path by undertaking a Primary Care Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine fellowship at Boston University/Boston Medical Center in 2007. He loves to teach as he is active in the musculoskeletal education of medical students, residents, fellows, and advanced practice practitioners through Harvard Medical School and MassGeneral Hospital.

Dr. Kreher’s commitment to the best health of his patients extends beyond conventional medicine. His IFM certification came in the year 2019 and started work with IFM in 2017. Functional Medicine focuses on solving the root cause of illness and proactive healthcare which is fundamental in the Med Matrix philosophy.

In his personal life, Dr. Jeff enjoys quality time with his two adult children, indulging in outdoor activities such as biking and hiking, yoga and even IronMan triathlons.