Dermaplaning and Peel in South Portland, Maine


The modern day microdermabrasion. Want to enhance your normal chemical peel treatment to achieve a greater anti aging effect? Combining your chemical peel with dermaplaning can result in skin improvements you would never see with a chemical peel alone.
Your technician will cleanse, prep your skin and use a surgical scalpel to mechanically exfoliate the top layers of your dead skin. Dermaplaning is noninvasive and is also used for removing the tiny hairs from your skin that make your complexion look dull.
The reason a chemical peel is a perfect partner to a dermaplane treatment is that the physical exfoliation prepares your skin to achieve the maximum benefits of your chosen peel. We offer light, medium and deep chemical peels like salicylic, glycolic, jessner, lactic and TCA a peels. Which peel you choose can be decided at the time of your treatment with your skin care therapist.
Price: $125

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