Tattoo Removal with Q Switch YAG in South Portland, Maine

Q-switched YAG laser is a cutting edge technology used for tattoo removal. It is a specialized type of laser that delivers short pulses of high-energy light to break down the tattoo ink particles in the skin.

  • Low pain compared to other alternatives

  • Targets a wide range of colors

  • Quick and easy treatments

  • No ugly scaring after the tattoo is gone

  • Professional and experienced staff

  • Customized treatment plan

  • Fewer treatments than other technologies

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How Tattoo Removal with Q Switch YAG Works

Change your mind? You are not alone. In the realm of tattoo removal, the Q-Switch Laser for tattoo removal stands as a game-changer, offering a precise and effective method to remove your unwanted ink. At MedMatrix, situated conveniently near the Maine Mall in South Portland, ME, we bring you the advanced Q-Switch Laser Treatment—an innovative solution designed to break down tattoo pigments with unparalleled precision, leaving you with a clean canvas.


Exploring the Q-Switch Tattoo Removal Laser Advantages


Ultra-Focused Pulses: Q-Switch Laser Treatment operates with ultra-short pulses of energy, producing a high-intensity light beam. These rapid bursts of energy target tattoo pigments without damaging the surrounding skin, ensuring precise and controlled removal. How does our tattoo removal treatments differ from others? Ours ensures that your skin will not be left looking like scar tissue and then require the need for skin rejuvenation treatments like Pico laser treatments and some other tattoo removal devices.

Color Diversity: Tattoos often comprise a spectrum of colors, each responding differently to laser wavelengths. The Q-SwitchTattoo Removal Laser’s versatility allows it to emit various wavelengths, effectively treating a broad range of pigments, including dark and
vibrant colors. The darker the color the better it works. The colors most difficult to remove are yellow and green. Deep Penetration: The Q-Switch Tattoo removal Laser penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to shatter tattoo pigments into minuscule particles. This fragmentation triggers the body’s natural immune response, gradually eliminating the pigments over time.

Minimal Discomfort: Q-Switch Laser Treatment minimizes discomfort during the tattoo removal process. The rapid pulses of energy create a sensation akin to the snap of a rubber band, significantly reducing the sensation of pain.

Post Treatment: After your treatment the technician will apply an antibacterial ointment and cover with a non-stick pad that needs to be left on for about 24 hours. After that the dressing may be removed but continue to apply a thin coat of antibacterial ointment which will be provided for you. After 48 hours it is ok to leave the tattoo alone and allow the healing process to naturally occur. There is often some flaking of the uppermost levels of the skin which takes some of the pigment along with it. Generally speaking
your skin is back to normal in about a week but there is still some time needed for your body to process out the fractions of pigment created from your treatment. Multiple treatments are often needed, repeating in 6-8 week intervals.


With a commitment to your comfort and safety, we provide a customized treatment plan tailored to your tattoo’s unique characteristics. Experience the evolution of tattoo removal with Q-Switch Laser Treatment at MedMatrix in South Portland, ME. Our dedication to precision and personalized care aligns with your aesthetic aspirations, transforming unwanted ink into a memory of the past.